Propeller Repair

Repairs You Can Rely On

At our facility, we have the capability of repairing all outboard and I/O propeller sizes as well as inboard propeller sizes up to 14 ft in diameter.

For our commercial customers, we also offer out of the water on-site propeller services which may include repair, polishing, and NDT Dye-Penetrant testing. We offer these services for both fixed and controllable pitch propellers that cannot be shipped to our shop.

Our highly trained propeller technicians repair all propellers to factory or better standards using techniques developed and passed down by our founders.  Our repair process includes checking of pitch, rake, balance, and welding if needed.  All of our outboard and I/O stainless propellers are polished to a high luster mirrored finish in our vibratory polisher manufactured by Advanced Finishing Technologies.

We have the capability of scanning and repairing your inboard propeller using the Hale MRI 3-D   propeller inspection and analysis system to an ISO Class 1 specification.  As part of this service, we will also provide a report detailing the initial and final propeller condition.

We not only offer the industry standard vertical static balancing, (up to 35′, single plane or 12′ dual plane) but we offer horizontal computerized high speed dynamic balancing as well, (single or dual plane) which will balance your inboard propeller (up to 70″) to less than 1/2 of a gram.

We also provide expert propeller sizing analysis.  Using your vessel and engine specs, we will figure out which propeller size will help you achieve maximum performance for your vessel.  If you are interested in this service please click here to fill out our form.

Once we have figured out a propeller recommendation for your vessel, we will keep on file a detailed record of your information. We have records dating back many years.

We guarantee repairs for all workmanship we provide.

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